Kimika Rozier: Three Things I Learned About Myself Overseas

1. To not take the game so seriously to a point where you cannot experience and enjoy the opportunity you are given. Each of us living this life overseas is given a chance of a lifetime that not many people can experience. Often we get so wrapped up in performance or the game in in itself, that we forget to enjoy, make new friends, learn a new culture and GROW! because we all are truly blessed to be over here!

2. I am capable of so much more than I ever thought I would be. Moving across the world and  living in a country where you are miles away from family and friends, to going to a place with no friends, new language, new food, new environment is difficult. The struggles of loneliness of doubt sometimes cross your path but you stick it out and come back year after year! That is an accomplishment in itself!

3. Its always my fault. Why? Because I’m American.. ( What WHEETTTT?) ( this is meant to be funny..but true hahaha)


Kimika Rozier
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