Kylie Atherstone: The Shire aka Home Sweet Home

For those of you know me pretty well, you know that I am a total sci-fi/fantasy nerd. If it has dragons, magic, time travel, and creatures other than humans…? It’s for me! So you can imagine my delight on the plane coming into Zurich when everything looks straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie.  Literally looks the The Shire. Which of course is what we have named out 3 bedroom/1bath flat in Dudingen.  It looks like if a rainbow was to pop up somewhere I could literally go find the pot of gold.

Here are a few pictures of my apartment and view.
The view from our balcony….^

My roooom

Living Area

Kitchen and dinning area
Nothing fancy but it’s big and has enough room for us and great storage. The beds are comfy and the windows have these amazing roll down blinds that block out ALL light. It could be 12pm and I would have no idea. Helpful when you have jet lag and are up at all hours of the night.. O_o It is also a walk away from the gym, the grocery store, the train station, our bank,  and the other girls apartment.
The 4 Americans went out on Sunday to explore.  Everything closes down Saturday around 4pm and does not open again until Sunday so we got to explore without having to worry about talking to people! Here are some more pictures from that adventure!
Gorgeous Church that may or may not chime every 15 minutes all day everyday.


Al and I being goofy….

CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS WITH SNOW!!!! Sledding here I come.

There are cats everywhere. They hang out in the fields, around the houses plus they are all fat, so you know they belong to someone…but this guy in particular reminded me of grumpy cats grumpier father or something…and I had to share.

SO pretty….

Cool house

GoPro pics!


okay this was a super cool wall that was hand painted by some kids at the local school. They each got a rectangle and got to paint whatever they wanted. This was a panoramic but I will show you some of my favs in the next few pics.
My favorite by FAR….  #swag #yolo #unicorn hahahha

not even sure…#longkittah

minions! Banana!
There is this forest behind the gym that you can walk through that has trails and also a bunch of hiking. Had some really cool stuff to explore and we have not even got through half of it!
Hope you enjoy!! Come visit me!!!


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