Kylie Atherstone: Who wants to Skype? I drink coffee you drink wine…

This time change is the weirdest thing. I am sitting here chatting with my bestie Jessica on Facebook. Its 10pm for her and 7am for me. I just made coffee (Dunkin’ Doughnuts Chocolate Glazed coffee in fact, and OMG its amazing – thanks BME <3) and she is going to bed. I am glad I have adjusted to the time change for the most part. I remember it took me months in Spain.  It doesn’t help that I stay up late talking to everyone of course, but that is the only time I can! Everyone is asleep while I am awake during the day.

So I left off telling you guys about our team event we went too.  The next week we had 3 days of practice and then left for Nancy, France for our first preseason tourney of the year.  We had only had about 10 days of practice as a team, and even then I was so sore for the first week I could barely jump. Old age is hell… 😉
We left after practice on Wednesday.  It was about a 3.5 hour drive, so not bad at all.  Plus the scenery along the way was gorgeous.  Here is a castle we could see in the distance on our drive. I am pretty obsessed with castles and this was my first sighting so I was fired up about it 🙂
so cool!
We don’t have our jerseys for this year yet so we are wearing the ones from last year for preseason.  The Libero jersey’s are bright pink which happens to be Hahn’s favorite color can’t you tell by this picture?!
Here are all the American’s before the match (we won in 5)
Being goofy, per usual
This was the court we played on. It was a fun atmosphere to play in.
We ended up going 2-1 on the weekend. Both games we won went 5. We lost the last match in 3, but all the games were close.  The goal of this tourney, of course yes, we want to win, but we wanted to work as a team on organizing and playing our game. I think we played well for having so little time together as a team and I am excited to see where we will be at for the beginning of season in mid October. We have another tourney in France this upcoming weekend!
On weekends that we have matches or travel we usually will have Sunday and/or Monday’s free to recover and do as we please.  We woke up on Monday not expecting to go anywhere but at the last minute decided to get on a train and go somewhere.  Everything is so close by train you can literally pick a spot on the map and be there within a few hours.  We grabbed some mimosa stuff (again, no open container laws- SCORE!) and headed to Lausanna, Switzerland.  It’s a town right on Lake Geneva and only about hour and 15 minutes away by train.  We get 50% off train tickets anywhere in Switzerland so it only cost us about 24 Francs round trip!!
The train ride down there was indescribable.  Everything is so green.  As we got closer to the water you could see the beginning of the Alps and directly on our left side were vineyards and just amazing views.  Here are some pictures from that day and our adventure.
Mimosas on the train! We were sitting next to an older couple on the train that happened to be from San Francisco! Crazy small world…and it was nice they didn’t judge us on piping champagne bottles right next to them…
Some of the scenery on the way to Lausanna. This is what the whole ride looks like. We most have collectively took 300 photos.  Around every corner was something prettier than before.
When we got there we were kind of in the middle of town so we found the local Metro and took the train down to the water asap! Thank goodness we have Mayf with us. She lived in Paris a few years ago and rode the trains all the time so we didn’t look like complete idiots trying to figure it out.
Panoramic of the lake.
Huge swans that were hanging out.
Cheese! Yes that’s a beer in my hand….
So the metro stop that was near the water was called “Ouchy” obviously said differently but we thought it was hilarious that we were headed in direction “Ouchy” and this pic was just too funny to not share.
At lunch!
Gorgeous Cathedral in the center of town.
totally not tourists….
Gelato! Boom.  Great day.
Best picture of the day.  The picture is amazing and it does not even do it justice…
We have a full week of practice and then head to Terville, France on Saturday morning.  We are only there for 2 days and then come home.  We have Monday off and we are planning on going to Grindelwald to go zip lining!! So grateful for this experience and opportunity to do something I love and get to travel to these places.
Until next time….


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