Sarah Ammerman: Living in the Social Media Capital of the World

About a month ago I was on social media, which you will find ironic in a second. And I came across a link that said: What Each Country Leads the World In.

Being the curious world traveler that I am, I immediately clicked on it. And being that the Philippines was my next upcoming destination I went to that part of the map first.

I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe something island related like coconuts or most holidays for days off to enjoy the beautiful beaches…but what I found was a surprise; the Philippines is most known for Social Media.

The Philippines take the most selfies than anywhere in the world! ‘Filipinos are using social media platform 53 hours a week. That is a whole 11 hours more than the global average of 42 hours!’
This was a pleasant surprise, as I am a social media lover myself; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Blogging…you name it I love it. I love keeping up with my friends and family as I bounce around the world. It’s a great way to stay connected.

The closer I came to arriving in the Philippines and as the announcements of foreigners began to be released here locally, the realization of the social media craze of my new “home” was becoming very apparent as I watched the fans reply in mass amounts to each post.

Aside from the friendly welcoming tweets and posts, that I have very much appreciated in my short time here, last night I got to experience the Filipinos in their element with social media; when a storm hit in the afternoon.

Lindsay and I were in the league’s office getting fitted for uniforms and someone was supposed to be picking us up to drive us to practice (something I am very thankful for having here, personal drivers. There are some crazyyyy driving rules aka no road rules out here. I’ll kindly take the back seat)

A storm had rolled in and it began raining really hard, our driver was late by about 45 minutes because it took him double the time it normally would to get to us. On the island when you ask how far something is you always get 2 answers; “without traffic time” and “with traffic time”…and it’s almost always the “with traffic time”. Filipinos love their cars.

After our driver arrived he told us it would take 2 hours to get through the traffic to practice, which meant practice would basically be over. So we collectively decided to go to dinner and enjoy an AH-mazing Greek meal with good company. Which ended up being much better than sitting in a car staring at the other crazy drivers for 2 hours.

Enter social media. I decided to tweet about it.

And the response was great.
After the league tweeted:

: What’s your best tip to on how to survive her first Manila flood and traffic?!
I got these very helpful/funny tips:



The Filipinos are very familiar with this incident and took it in stride, we are in the rainy season I learned yesterday, until the end of October.
Needless to say I think I am fitting in quite nicely in this new city of mine.


So we still have yet to practice. We’re hoping, traffic and rainstorm pending of course, today will be our day to meet our team! But we couldn’t be happier, everyone we have met has been beyond expectations on welcoming us and making us feel comfortable! There’s a lot of joking and laughter here on the island, throw in tweeting about it, and you’ve got yourself a happy girl.

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