Global Players: Why Study Abroad?

After you’ve gotten through the first year at your home university, you probably feel like you finally know all the buildings on campus, can memorize the walk from the weight room to the field and back again, know which professors to avoid, which dining hall is busiest at lunch, and of course, have made plenty of friends. So why leave this cozy little environment you’ve created for yourself just to go back to being the new kid on the block? Because your experience abroad is definitely worth the few trials and tribulations of starting over! An experience that arguably can change your life.. for the better. Ready, set grow!

Gain a New Perspective
One of the largest benefits of studying abroad involves the opportunity to broaden your horizons. Studying and living in a new country could change the way you look at things, make you more open minded, and provide a newfound respect for people who are different from you. You may even gain a new perspective on things like academics, politics, social issues, and daily life.Immerse Yourself in Another Culture
Studying abroad can provide a unique experience that cannot be obtained through traveling or touring a country. When you study abroad, you naturally immerse yourself in another culture. This makes it easier to learn a new language and learn about cultural traditions and beliefs from the inside.
Compete Abroad & Grow the Game
There are so many sports growing games all over the world and as an international student athlete you get to aid this growth. With Global Players on the scene you not only get to study abroad but you get to train and compete in a foreign country. This provides a diversified look at the sport you have grown up with, a new and fresh perspective and the opportunity to grow as a leader on the field.

Earn Valuable Academic Credit

Although rules may vary from school to school, it is almost always possible to transfer the credits you have earned through studying abroad to another education program.Break Out of Your Academic Routine
Like anything you may do on an almost daily basis, the four walls of your college classroom can begin to feel monotonous and boring. Studying abroad will help you break out of this academic routine and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.Boost Your Resume
Participating in a study abroad program may enhance your employment prospects. According to Penn State, less than five percent of U.S. university students study abroad. Being part of this minority could help you stand apart from other job applicants. Study abroad experience may also give you an edge in positions that require knowledge of another culture, international business, foreign affairs, or a second language.
Learn more on how you can study and compete abroad at Global Players.

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