Athletes and Their Perfect Overseas Entertainment System Setup

Watching your favorite shows, college Game Days, and movies overseas isn’t the easiest, but these athletes have set out to develop the perfect setup each season.

Dustin Watten


I’ve learned throughout the years how amazing it is to live and play ball overseas. I’ve also learned how amazing Sundays can be with the right touch, propelling me into a perfect recovery day leaving me refreshed for a new week once Monday rolls around.

I’ve slowly built my Sundays throughout the years, first purchasing NFL Gamepass (every game, live or delayed, up to 4 games at once) the next year I purchased a projector, allowing me to create a 90 inch TV on a blank wall, engulfing me into all the action.

When 6 hours of football wasn’t enough I decided to create a 12 man fantasy football league of other Americans playing volleyball overseas to spice it up and just this year, I finally got a portable sound system, a jambox (portable stereo) to hear all the hits and touchdowns by fantasy players.

None of this really matters too much without good company and good food. I’ve been lucky in the past to play 2/4 years with Americans and this year I’ve been able to wrangle in my two Canadian teammates to join in on the Sundays. Whether it’s homemade guacamole,  salsa, vegan chili, it’s the best feeling to make and share great food and to enjoy an American Sunday, outside of America.

AJ Nally 


In the photo I have my play station and Nintendo 64. When my shows are on, I’m using websites that stream (legal or not idk).. Project free tv, putlocker (movies) and first row sports are my go tos. Other than that, I hope my teammates have movies on their computers. Dropbox has been cool to do a mini file share where everyone throws some movies they like in a folder and normally you haven’t seen all of them.

Sonja Newcomb

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.06.12 PM

For me this year my projector and Slingbox have been essential. Playing in Russia I am spending a lot of time inside my apartment because the weather is so cold. This means lots of movies, tv and video games (mostly for Kyle but I do play Monopoly with him). Slingbox connects to the DVR at his parents home and we can watch their cable over the internet on our computer here in Russia. Its AMAZING! Check it out if you dont know what it is.

Rachael Adams 

After two seasons overseas I think I have finally perfected my perfect home entertainment system for overseas.

My tools:


Projector: I never know what my TV will be like overseas. HD or 1990’s massive box TV. Yes, I can buy a TV but buying a new TV every time I join a new team or country could get pricey. To my pleasant surprise, my team had a brand new HD TV waiting for me in my apartment so I keep my projector in my bedroom for cozy movie nights. Having white walls makes for the best viewing situation.

I also made sure I bought a small projector that still did big projector things..(projects a large screen, still works in the daylight, doesn’t operate on a lightbulb that requires expensive replacements)

My brand: Optoma ML550 (see below / bottom righthand corner)


Jambox: A small, portable, and bluetooth capable speakers is a must, especially when watching via a projector. The TV sound system is going to be great, but projector and computer speakers could make or break a movie or intense basketball game. (pictured above / bottom lefthand corner)



Roku 3:
Similar to it’s rival Apple TV, but after a lot of research Roku won me over. I can now stream countless channels like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, Spotify, Angry Birds, and countless others. It’s nice having friends where you and switch and trade Hulu and Netflix passwords with to get the most bang for my buck.

Roku simply hooks up to my TV via HDMI cord.


I love being able to wake up and easily throw on Good Morning America to get the latest updates and shenanigans going on back home.

1452114_10203112373636938_1059238465575335403_n My secret weapon that makes all of this possible. I used to use, which is just as awesome but each website offers different channels that it unlocks. is easy and pie and my teammate introduced me to it. Of course you have to pay once a month to use it, but it allows you to watch all your American websites like Hulu,,, ESPN, etc. It changes your home wifi spot and makes it as if you are back in the USA. Both sites allow 1 week trials to test it out before you have to commit.



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