Playing For Pizza in Ancona, Italy

Thanks to A Million Ways to Live, we get to share this awesome mini document series about an American quarterback taking on football in the Italian Football League

“traveling around the world, learn about your roots, learning a new language, continue to play a sport you love..that’s a win win”

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*Playing for Pizza*
Unless you’ve read John Grisham’s book Playing for Pizza, you’ve probably never heard of the Italian Football League. I hadn’t either until I moved to Italy to play quarterback for the Ancona Dolphins. But American football has actually been growing in popularity in Europe for years. Today on Million Ways to Live, I pay a visit to my old football team to spend the day with Luke Zahradka, the latest American quarterback to lead the team.

*About Million Ways To Live* 
In our international documentary travel series, we focus on what all these people have in common. We call them Healthy Lifestyle Principles: Real Food, Movement, Rest & Relaxation Lifelong Learning, Community and Love.


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