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Alyssa D’Errico: The glory of Paris mixed with the first two losses….

October 21st, 2013 So I know it has been a while since I have written but things start to get crazy when matches pick up, travel is abundant and visitors start appearing.  However all of these things are the best part of playing overseas so I intend to share plenty…

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Alyssa D’Errico: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Jersey’s ARE HERE!!! So Monday starts the preparations for the league Open Generali where all the teams come to Istres (12 in total) for the first match of the league.  There will be three matches on Friday and three on Saturday (including our premier match Saturday night at 730pm).  Now…

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Women’s Volleyball

Rachael Adams My Scenic Route  Features on our blog Sonja Newcombe Adventures in Siberia Features on our blog Sarah Ammerman ArOuNDtH3WorLd… Features on our blog Kayla Jeter Adventures of Little Mixed Girl Features on our blog Lauren Gibbemeyer Lost in Translation Features on our blog  Jenna Hagguland Working hard, playing harder…

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