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Mike Bruesewitz: The Process, the Routine, the Life

Fox Sports Wisconsin January 22, 2014 With the new year passing just a couple of weeks ago, I had spent quite a bit of time reading about all the resolutions and goals that people set for themselves around this time of year. Many of the articles spoke of ways to successfully…

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Mike Bruesewitz: Survival Guide to Playing Basketball Overseas

Fox Sports Wisconsin February 25, 2014 I have been abroad for almost four months now and have figured quite a few things out about both myself and this new profession I am in. With this being my first year of hopefully many still playing basketball either overseas or in the…

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Men’s Basketball

Joshua Owens 2° of Freedom Features on our site  Adam Folker Features on our site James Blasczyk Features on our site Olu Ash Overseas with a Carry-On Features on our site Kyle Robbins Features on our site   Mike Bruesewitz Features on our blog    Will Hopper Features on…

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