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The Athlete Transition: Struggling with Identity After Sport

Claire Hanna Features on our blog   This was posted with permission from Claire Hanna and originally posted on Two years ago, to the date, I called myself “an athlete”.  It was my identity, it was who I was and it was how I met the majority of my friends.  I…

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Athletes Abroad

Women’s Volleyball Joanne Morgan ‏@JoanneMorgan (Great Britain) Kristen Dozier ‏ @kdozier (American) Jordan Larson ‏@JordanLarson10 (American) Lauren Gibbemeyer ‏ @Lauren5Gibby (American) Danielle Scott ‏ @DScottArruda (American) Cassidy Lichtman ‏ @CassidyLichtman (American) Jenna Hagglund ‏ @j_hagg (American) Rachael Adams ‏ @RADAMSS (American) Nicole Davis ‏ @nicolemdavis6 (American) Kristin Hildebrand ‏ @krishildebrand1…

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Women’s Volleyball

Rachael Adams My Scenic Route  Features on our blog Sonja Newcombe Adventures in Siberia Features on our blog Sarah Ammerman ArOuNDtH3WorLd… Features on our blog Kayla Jeter Adventures of Little Mixed Girl Features on our blog Lauren Gibbemeyer Lost in Translation Features on our blog  Jenna Hagguland Working hard, playing harder…

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