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How do I choose an athlete?

(1) You can visit our home page – hover over the “athletes we follow” tab and browse our athletes by click any sport. All of our featured athletes would love a pen pal (2) If you already know an athlete playing abroad you can pick them (3) Many athletes playing in the Olympics usually play abroad also, especially sports like Women’s and Men’s Volleyball and soccer. (list of USA Volleyball athletes) We also have Canadian volleyball players (list of athletes). It doesn’t have to be volleyball, these are just options.

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What do I create?

Nothing is off limits. It can be a picture, hand written or typed letter, a photograph, recorded video from a team, a motivation message, or a masterpiece made out of macaroni. Anything goes. Be creative and have fun!

How old can I be?

We would love this to be geared towards young fans, but no age is off limits. We live abroad for 9 months out of the year so receiving love from back home or from anywhere around the world makes our day. Sometimes our week.

How do I send it?

Once you are finished, take a picture or scan it and e-mail it to us at We will then take the name you provided and pass it on to the athlete. Also, we will make sure their response gets back to you. Make sure you include the name of your athlete.

What should I include?

Include your first name (no last name), age, and the athlete of your choice. If they are not on our list of athletes please let us know. (if you’re not a “young fan” you are not required to include your age)

Will my creation be shared?

Of course! Once we get more artwork coming in we will create a tab called “pen pals” where all artwork and athlete responses will be displayed. We will also tweet your artwork to the athlete via our Twitter @AthletesAbroad You will be notified when your art work is received by the athlete and displayed.


Sophia was our first young fan. She drew a picture, her dad took a picture of it, and sent it our way.


We received it and on Monday (1/20) we will connect to the athlete of her choice, April Ross. Olympian beach volleyball player and world traveler.

Include in email or on art piece: First name, age, and pro athlete name


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