Fit Across Cultures

Fit Across Cultures is a boutique consulting company that aims to improve the intercultural fitness of professional athletes, coaches, and student athletes. Moving abroad or working with a culturally diverse group of people comes with challenges and joys. We aim to increase the positive moments you, your team, and your loved ones will experience, while decreasing barriers associated with cultural diversity and intercultural situations. We bring you the framework you need to leverage diversity and all the benefits that come with it.



The professional nutrition specialists at the U.S. Olympic Committee have put together a variety of informational materials for athletes, coaches and parents. In this section you can find access to these materials to learn more about sport-specific diet, travel nutrition and eating guidelines.



 TeamGLEAS is the world’s only web-based network we’re aware of that connects student-athletes with coaches overseas. We noticed an increase in people’s desires to pursue higher education, continue playing sports, and travel the world, so we built something that combines all three.

TeamGLEAS is an international recruiting company that puts the decision-making power into the students’ hands by allowing them to compare universities, search for available opportunities, and connect directly with coaches in no time. Too good to be true? Nope. Check us out and see for yourselves.



ProSport CPA

We offer tailor-made packages to include expert tax and accounting and premier financial education services, along with comprehensive, professional assistance with estate, trust, gift, charity, partnership, and corporate taxes exclusively for pro athletes.

Our ultimate “Pro” focus goal is to ensure our professional athletes improve personal financial condition and literacy.

Diesel Financial

Here at Diesel Financial we mold our services to fit the life of athlete’s and ex-athletes abroad. Since we can truly empathize with our clients, you can be assured that our services will be of greatest benefit to you. Our comprehensive financial plan includes: Budget/Cash Flow Analysis, Insurance Analysis, Investment Analysis, Retirement Analysis, Estate Analysis, and Financial Advice.

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