Elisa Cella: Poland And France Let Me Grow As A Person

Italian volleyball player, Elisa Cella, talks about her experiences playing away from home and taking on a life abroad in France and Poland.

I have always loved traveling, I did a lot of trips alone around the world and the thing that I carry inside is the culture of others country. In these past two years I played abroad in the same country. As I said before, Poland is amazing. The country is full of history, difficult history, and I think it’s a growing country. All the people I met treated me like a member of their family.


I loved the food, maybe little heavy, but delicious. I’m the kind of person that likes to try new flavors and it was nice to cook italian for my polish teammates, and they did the same for me with polish food.


And the way they live volleyball…incredible. This sport is the most important, all Arenas are full of people, all networks show a lot of matches live every weekend. In Italy, for example, it’s not like this even if we have a good championship.

In France it was totally different. Volleyball is not so important, and none of the matches were on tv. Every sport is considered a job..but supporters “love” their team and they did everything for the players to make them feel good. I thought the culture would maybe be similar to Italian, but it was good to find a lot of differences. I’m glad to have learned a new language. I have only ever studied English in school, but in a few months and I realized I was speaking French..

I conclude saying that at the end of the two seasons abroad I cried when I went back home.. they were two great experiences and all people and all situations are inside me and let me grow as a person.

Elisa Cella
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